Banbury Depot

Welcome to Banbury Depot

Tarmac’s aggregates operation in Banbury is located off Water Works Road, just off Hennef Way, to the West of the M40. A strategically important plant, it supplies and mixes vital building materials to Banbury and the wider region.

Tarmac COVID-19 update

The site has been operational for over 30 years

Change is needed to help with local demand

The team working at the plant live close by in Banbury

What is happening at Banbury Depot?

Our plant at Banbury is really strategically important. Connected by rail and road, it helps provide the region with much-needed materials, in order to sustain infrastructure projects.

Over the past few years, we have been working with HS2 to look at adapting the site so that it will be able to support the development of the new railway line, as well as other projects.

After feedback from the community and changes in demand from the site, we are now looking to make a few minor changes, on the footprint of the existing site.